What are your Summer Goals? (Free Printable PDF)

lachende junge frau mit sonnenbrilleDo you ever find yourself getting to the end of summer break, wondering how the time flew by so quickly?

There is often so much going on in the summer, it’s easy to let the time drift by without noticing…until you suddenly realize it’s almost gone, and you haven’t done half of the things you were hoping to. 

One way to fit more fun & enjoyment into the summer months, is to take some time at the start of your break to consider how you’d like to spend your time…and make sure you have time set aside for the experiences that are really important to you. 

Some students resist the idea of setting goals for their summer, because they worry that it will be constraining, or reduce their options for how to spend their time.

However, when they give it a try, they often are pleasantly surprised to find that setting goals for the summer is a very empowering activity which gives them a chance to decide how they want to spend their time, and make sure that the activities they’re choosing are in line with what’s most important to them. 

I’ve put together a printable Summer Goals Checklist to help students jumpstart this process.  Continue reading for more details, or click here to download a printable PDF copy!


Summer Goals Checklist

Which of the following experiences do you want to have this summer?

Career / College goals…

  • Work at a job, internship, or volunteer organization
  • Work as a tutor or babysitter, or start a part-time business
  • Research and/or visit potential colleges
  • Prepare for standardized tests (PSAT/SAT/ACT/GRE)
  • Start working on admissions applications & essays
  • Explore possible majors & careers
  • Other: ________________________________________________

Academic / Learning goals…

  • Take summer course(s), at school or online
  • Complete summer reading & assignments
  • Develop better study strategies for next year
  • Choose 1-2 interesting topics to learn more about this summer
  • Spend time reading novels or interesting non-fiction books
  • Other: ________________________________________________

Personal Development goals…

  • Clean & organize my room
  • Practice driving / get driver’s license
  • Learn valuable financial skills
  • Develop better methods for managing time & keeping track of things to do
  • Learn useful household skills (cooking, laundry, etc.)
  • Other: ________________________________________________

Experience / Travel goals…

  • Go on family vacation(s)
  • Attend a summer camp
  • Have fun with friends
  • Practice / Develop an existing sport or hobby
  • Get involved in a new hobby or activity
  • Other: ________________________________________________


5 Tips for Accomplishing your Summer Goals…

  1. Start early, and plan ahead! The summer is shorter than it seems, so don’t let time get away from you! It’s no fun to get to the end of the summer & realize that you’ve run out of time to do some things you were really looking forward to.
  1. Consider printing out a summer calendar (included in the PDF handout) and writing out all of your plans in one place, so you can see how much (or little) time you have to accomplish your goals, and make time for everything that’s really important to you.
  1. If you have a big goal to accomplish (500 pages of summer reading, anyone?) and want to avoid rushing to finish it in a panic at the end of the summer, consider counting the number of days or weeks you have available, and setting smaller goals for what you want to do every week – or every day – in order to finish by your desired deadline. Consider excluding travel days from your plan, unless you’re sure you’ll have time during your trip to continue making progress towards your goals.
  1. Create a specific, realistic plan for when & where you’ll follow through with your goals. For example, if you’ve planned to do 20 pages of summer reading a day, what would be the easiest time to do it? If you’re not a morning person, it would probably be more realistic to plan on reading right after lunch, or before bed, rather than first thing in the morning. If you’re not at least 80% sure you can follow through with your plan TODAY, make some adjustments so it’s easier to follow.
  1. Track the actions you’re taking to reach your goals by creating a checklist, calendar, or list of accomplishments, so you can review the progress you’re making and feel awesome about yourself!


I hope these tips are helpful!

I’ve also created a Printable PDF copy of these tips that you can save & print out, which includes all of the tips listed above, PLUS a Summer Calendar you can use to record all of the important dates & deadlines you have coming up this summer.  Click here or on the image below to download your copy!

Summer Goals Checklist clickable image

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