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Does your teen have the support & encouragement necessary to perform at his or her highest potential?

For parents who want to ensure that their teens have the support they need to succeed, I offer continuing mentoring and coaching services where we meet on an ongoing basis for regular check-ins and support. This can be especially helpful for teens who have completed one of my coaching programs and want to learn more about to apply these ideas to new situations, and ensure that they continue to practice the habits they’ve developed.

How I can help your teen:

I provide personalized coaching calls for students where they can share any concerns or struggles they are having and get positive feedback and support without any fear or judgement or criticism. When relevant, I also provide them with additional information and resources to help deepen their learning. We work together to set goals and develop effective habits and behaviors that suppor them in becoming the kind of person they want to be.


As a parent, imagine the peace of mind you would have if you knew that your teen was receiving ongoing support and guidance to keep them on track and ensure that they are moving towards their goals! And teens love having a safe environment where they can share their concerns without judgement and get support from a mentor who cares about them and is 100% committed to helping them maximize their long-term happiness and success.


You have invested so much time, energy, and money in your teen’s future.  Let’s make sure they have the ongoing support & mentoring they need to succeed! 


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