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Does your teen have the level of self-awareness and decision-making skills to make important decisions about their future?

Young adults are faced with a number of important decisions that can have a major impact on their future, including choosing a college major and identifying a career path.

These decisions can be difficult for teens to make on their own, so many students put them off by listing their major as “undecided”, or choosing a major at random and telling themselves that they can always change it later.  However, the college they choose to attend and the classes they take in their first year can influence or limit their future options, and end up leading them down a path that is not a good fit for their unique personality, strengths, and interests.

Students who aren’t proactive early on about setting long-term goals and exploring potential careers run the risk of investing tens, or hundreds, of thousands of dollars in a college education, only to graduate and realize that they still have no idea what they want to do with their life!


How I can help your teen:

I will work with your teen to help them identify their strengths, skills, passions, and values, and gather clues about the types of activities and work environments they are likely to enjoy.  I’ll teach them the science behind successful decision-making, and introduce skills and strategies they can use to make better decisions.  We’ll then work together to identify potential future directions, outline steps they can take to explore their options, and check in regularly to ensure that they are making progress towards a decision.



When your teen completes this process they will have a greater sense of purpose and direction, and a much better understanding of who they are and what is important to them.  They will be more motivated to succeed in college because they understand how it relates to their long-term goals, and more confident in their ability to make successful decisions about their future!


You have invested so much time, energy, and money in your teen’s education!
Let’s make sure they have the self-awareness and sense of direction they need
to take advantage of these opportunities, 
and use them to create a future
that is a perfect fit for their personality, talents, and passions!


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