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Does your teen have the organization, time management & planning skills that are necessary to succeed in college & beyond?

Does your teen…

  • Procrastinate on important projects?
  • Lose track of time or forget deadlines?
  • Have difficulty maintaining focus and motivation?
  • Have trouble staying organized?

This may be a sign that your teen has poorly developed executive skills. Students’ executive skills can have a major impact on their performance in high school, college, and beyond.   However, it can be very difficult for students to change these behaviors on their own, and most schools provide little guidance in how to develop these critical life skills.

How I can help your teen:

I teach students strategies and skills that enable them to set effective goals, plan ahead, avoid procrastination, and manage their time effectively.  We work 1:1 to develop customized solutions that fit their personality and preferences, so they can continue using them for years to come.


When your teen learns these skills, they will immediately feel less overwhelmed and more confident in their ability to plan ahead and achieve their goals.  You will feel more confident in your teen’s ability to keep up with schoolwork and manage the new demands they will face in college.


You have invested so much time, energy, and money in your teen’s future.  Let’s make sure they have the planning and organizational skills they need to achieve the success they deserve!

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