Academic Planner – A Tool For Time Management®.

Using a planner is a “keystone habit” for students — a behavior pattern that, if practiced consistently, can have an enormous impact on many other areas of their life.

The key is using them consistently, and writing down everything you have to do.  Unfortunately, many planners don’t leave enough space for students to write everything out, or they only have one box available per day…so it’s easy to accidentally forget to write down an assignment and not notice it’s missing.

My favorite planner, which I recommend to all of my private coaching clients, is the Order out of Chaos planner, which was created by Leslie Josel specifically to help teens gain control of their time.


This planner makes it easy for students to record and review their weekly schedule of assignments and activities, which is essential for effective time management.

The Academic planner offers the following features:

  • A unique vertical index page at the front of the Planner that enables students to record their class subjects (7 subject boxes) only once.
  • Days of the week are listed horizontally across the planner, so students can see the whole week in a single glance
  • Space to enter after-school activities and weekend commitments, so students see the time slots they have available for homework. 
  • A Project Planning Guide to help plan long terms papers and projects.
  • Full page monthly calendars with ample room for notes, allowing students to plan ahead for upcoming tests & assignments.

If you find your student is often forgetting assignments, papers, projects, or struggling with time management and prioritization I encourage you to purchase one of these Academic Planners. This is an amazing tool that I’ve been strongly recommending to my students for years!


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